Odds on the NBA Draft… if you’re a betting man


Gambling, the thing that drives horse racing and the NFL. (What, you don’t think fantasy leagues and weekly pools help the NFL’s popularity?) If you’re more an NBA guy, how about betting on the NBA Draft?

The fine folks at Bodog sent over their odds on the NBA draft, and there are some interesting lines out there as things start to get interesting at No. 3 with the Utah Jazz.

Who will be the 3rd Player selected in the NBA Draft?
Brandon Knight 1/3 (bet $3 to win $1)
Enes Kanter 5/2
Jimmer Fredette 17/2
Kemba Walker 15/1

(If you are betting that Jimmer is going No. 3, I would propose instead you make your checks out to the “PBT Beer Fund” and just send the money to me. Thanks.)

Who will be the 4th Player selected in the NBA Draft?
Enes Kanter 10/11
Jonas Valanciunas 3/2
Jan Vesely 7/2
Kawhi Leonard 15/1

Some other bets of interest:

Will Jimmer Fredette (BYU) be a Lottery Pick?
Yes -180 (5//9)
No +140 (7/5)

Will the Minnesota Timberwolves trade their second overall pick in the draft?
Yes -140 (5/7)
No +100 (1/1)

Will Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris both be drafted by the same team?
Yes 2/1