Jason Terry to auction off Game 6 shoes for charity


The Dallas Mavericks players have waiting too long for their championship rings (or whatever they get) to go Ron Artest and action the hardware off for charity.

But Jason Terry is willing give up his shoes worn in Game 6 and is auctioning them off (current bid $1,400.. come on, you can beat that). (via SLAM)

The money raised in an auction — which ends June 26 — will go to the Jason Terry Foundation which “is a youth based organization, focused on helping others obtain dreams (H.O.O.D.), through education, self-empowerment, and community involvement.” The foundation donates to a number of youth charities in Texas, organizing coat drives for the homeless at Mavericks games and more.

If you have the money and want Terry’s Reeboks, this is a good reason to do it.