Shaq denies involvement, will not be charged in beating


Seven Los Angeles gang members may have committed kidnapping and assault in Shaquille O’Neal’s name, but he said he had no knowledge of it.

The prosecutors agree and Shaq will face no charges in the case (the victim allegedly thought Shaq was behind it). Shaq was not named in the criminal complaint, according to the Associated Press.

Seven members of the Main Street Mafia Crip Gang in Los Angeles, led by a man who is reportedly a friend of Shaq’s, kidnapped a man named Robert Ross back in February of 2008. Ross (who also knows Shaq) allegedly has a sex tape (involving Shaq and a woman who was not his wife at the time Shaunie) and the group was trying to get it back and doing it the way gang members tend to deal with problems.

The gang members allegedly kidnapped Ross in Hollywood, forced him to drove to South Central Los Angeles where he was beaten as they demanded the tape. They allegedly took Ross’ Rolex, diamond chain and earrings, and $15,000 in cash. (Who carries around that kind of cash? I am in the wrong business.)

The preliminary trial of the men is this week.