Report: Cavaliers shopping J.J. Hickson, too


At this point, there is no move the Cavaliers can make that would surprise me. Because, at this point — the absolute nadir of a rebuilding process — what player on that roster do you have to keep?

Now J.J. Hickson, he is being shopped around according to a tweet from the well-connected Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

2 players you can talk to Cavs about now: Ramon Sessions & JJ Hickson. Andy Varejao not available for just a draft pick.

We have known Sessions has been on the market for a while, and you can bet at some point a deal for him will happen (whether that is before the draft is hard to say).

If they really are willing to move Anderson Varejao there may be interest from contenders, he is a guy who can come in and do the dirty work for them. But with Varejao having at least three more years and $27 million owed him (he can be bought out of the last year of his deal) teams will want to see the new Collective Bargaining Agreement before taking on that salary.

Still, look for the Cavaliers to be active with trades. They need to be. They need to do a lot of things.