LeBron James, shockingly, will not film his scripted comedy this summer


Well, proof does now exist that LeBron James has at least a bit of awareness about his public image in the aftermath of his meltdown in the 2011 NBA Finals. From Jeff Sneider of the Daily Variety:

Exclusive: LeBron James will have to wait at least another year to make his Hollywood debut.

The Miami Heat forward has been attached to star in Universal/Imagine’s sports comedy “Ballers” since September 2009, and after an initial yearlong delay to accommodate his summer 2010 free agency, production was pushed to next month. However, in the wake of Miami’s NBA Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks, exec producer Michael Rosenberg told Variety that because the script is still being developed, “we are not shooting this summer.”

Story follows five guys who attend the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp in Las Vegas, but end up dragging the phenom into their myriad life issues.

If and when this movie does ever happen, it probably won’t be all that well-received because of LeBron’s post-“decision” image, even if the script puts Charlie Kaufman’s best work to shame and LeBron turns out to have the acting skills of a 6-8 Daniel-Day Lewis. (It probably won’t, and he probably doesn’t.)

But after a second consecutive season that ended with LeBron exiting the playoffs in just about the most embarrassing fashion imaginable, news that LeBron was filming this movie would have been a complete fiasco.  Give LeBron a little credit, I suppose, for knowing that now is not the time to make his Space Jam. That will probably have to wait until he wins a championship.