Boston College’s Jackson cancels remaining draft workouts


Somebody got a promise.

Reggie Jackson, the lightning quick Boston College point guard who turned heads with his long wingspan (7’0” on a 6’3” frame) has cancelled the rest of his scheduled workouts, according to a tweet from ESPN’s Chad Ford.

Reggie Jackson canceled all of his workouts. Bulls, Pacers, Bobcats and Blazers all had him scheduled to come in.

Jackson did have a minor knee surgery to clean some things up in May, and for that reason was not at the NBA Draft Combine. That allegedly is the reason he is calling off the rest of his pre-draft workouts. He has done very few workouts, period.

It smells like somebody got a promise (a team told him they would take him). Ford adds that the Celtics and Nets deny making a promise to Jackson, although you should not believe a word anyone says about who they will take this time of years. A lot of teams like Jackson because in this era where you can’t touch a guy on the perimeter his speed has real value. He needs to work on his shooting (27 percent from three) and his hoops IQ needs to mature. But there is a player in there who could be a steal of the draft.

And it sounds like someone has told him they would take him.