Report: Cavaliers shopping Sessions, Davis “hard”


In a little over a week the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to make Kyrie Irving their point guard of the future when they draft him No. 1 overall.

So they are trying to dump the point guards of now.

The Cavaliers are shopping Ramon Sessions and Baron Davis hard, according to Chad Ford of ESPN (this is behind ESPN’s pay wall).

This is not really a shock, Session’s agent has said as much. And there will be a market for a solid point guard like Sessions — the Knicks, the Lakers and plenty of other teams might be willing to take him on. They are not going to give up a lot to get him, but there could be a deal there.

Davis is a different challenge. Davis has two years and $28.6 million left on his contract, so he will be more difficult to move (although the Clippers just did it). The Clippers wanted to move Davis in part because of concerns about his work ethic and impact on a young locker room — they feared he would teach more bad habits than good. But he played pretty well for the Clippers last season and has been a model citizen since coming to Cleveland.

The Cavaliers will have to give up some sweetener to move Davis, something they may not want to do. And teams will balk at taking on that salary before they see what the new Collective Bargaining Agreement looks like. But getting that salary off the books would be good for Cleveland.