Ron Artest tells the story of how he was almost a Clipper


Ron Artest with the Clippers? Instead of the Kings?

Monday night Artest went on a little twitter binge looking back over the course of his career and it included the story where he was almost traded to the Clippers. Here are all the posts

Did ya know when I got traded to sac (Sacramento) that I was in a meeting with the Clippers!! Elgin [Baylor, then Clippers GM] accepted the Corey maggette trade! I was a clipper for ten mins… Then in the middle of our conversation with Elgin, coach (Mike) Dunleavy and mark stevens my agent… Right in the middle of the our talks about how we gonna bring a ring to the Clippers Donnie Walsh (then Pacers president) called Mike and said Corey failed… the physical then I went back on suspension with Indiana. I was in LA for three months. Then two weeks later Sactown traded Peja (Stojakovic) for me.Kings were in last place after (the All-Star break) then I got there and we went to the playoffs!

Those 2006 Clippers were pretty good — they had a healthy and active Elton Brand and Sam Cassell, they not only made the playoffs but advanced to the second round and took the Suns seven games that series. With Artest in for Maggette… who knows. They wouldn’t have won a ring but that would have been interesting.