Clippers give offer to Jordan, exercise options on Gordon, Griffin, Farouq-Aminu


In a series of moves that should surprise exactly nobody, the Los Angeles Clippers extended a qualifying offer to center DeAndre Jordan, making him a restricted free agent, and exercised their team options on Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe, and Al-Farouq Aminu. All four players were drafted by the Clippers, and the latter three are still on their rookie deals, making picking up their options a no-brainer. (The Griffin option was perhaps the easiest decision any team will have to make this off-season.)

The only intrigue comes from the Jordan offer, but it’s minor. The Clippers still have Chris Kaman under contract, but all signs point to the Clippers wanting to keep the ultra-athletic but still offensively raw Jordan and make him their center of the future — it would be very surprising if the Clippers did not match any offer Jordan will receive in free agency.