Bookmakers make Heat favorites to win 2012 NBA title


We tried to warn you the Miami Heat would be back.

The oddsmakers at Bodog Sports put out their odds for the 2012 NBA title and they are predicting a Heat vs. Lakers finals next season. (That sound you just heard was David Stern drooling at that prospect.) Here are their top 1o:

Miami Heat 5/2
Los Angeles Lakers 11/2
Chicago Bulls 6/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 8/1
Dallas Mavericks 10/1
Boston Celtics 12/1
San Antonio Spurs 20/1
Orlando Magic 22/1
New York Knicks 28/1
Portland Trailblazers 30/1

The longest odds on the board? Your Toronto Raptors at 150/1.

Understand that the role of the bookmaker is not to predict what will happen with these odds but to spread the betting out so that the house makes money — which means it’s more about predicting what the public will put money on than predicting what will actually happen. And Bodog thinks you all are going to put your money on the Heat and Lakers. That sounds about right.