Charles Barkley still doesn’t like Heat, their fans


Charles Barkley may not want to buy a second home in the Miami area.

There’s not a lot of love for him there, because he still has no love for the Miami Heat. And because he is Charles Barkley, he proclaims that from the mountaintops.

Which is what he did on ESPN radio in Chicago (as reported by the ESPN Chicago web site, that’s cross promotion baby!).

“Listen, if the Miami Heat were playing the Washington Generals I would pick the Washington Generals,” Barkley said with a chuckle. “It’s something about that team that annoys me.

“They just a whiny bunch and I can’t root for them.”

Barkley has already had his moments with Heat fans and, well, this is Barkley. At least he’s honest about it. And outside of Miami, a lot of people feel the same way.