League fines Gilbert Arenas for twitter comments


Gilbert Arenas returned to twitter just in recent weeks  — @agentzeroshow — and already the league has fined him.

The league would not specify which tweets from Arenas got the fine or how much it was for, according to the Orlando Sentinel. It could be any number of jokes to or about women (although frankly, there are far more offensive things tweeted by NBA players than anything Arenas said).

As you would expect, Arenas turned to twitter to vent his frustrations (compiled by the Sentinel).

“yesthe nba has fined me….for being to awesome..so i can give you the shoes for FREE but gotta charge you for the jokes… i cant believe i got fined..how do i explain this to the lady at the bank…this is gonna take another 40mins… or i could just write a check and if theres a lockout just cancel the check it and maybe they will forget…..i think that will work..”

You gotta love Gilbert Arenas… unless you’re the Magic and have that contract on your books.