Nets take note — Deron Williams fires agent

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This may mean something big next summer. It may mean nothing. But it is interesting.

Deron Williams fired his agent Bob McClaren, according to a tweet from Michele Steele of Bloomberg. He has yet to announce the hiring of a new one.

Williams can opt out of his current deal in the summer of 2012, and the Nets have traded for him and made signing him the number one, two and three priority. He is the start to turn around the Nets fortunes, to open the new arena in Brooklyn, the guy owner Mikhail Prokhorov has pinned his franchise revival to.

A new agent may be just a guy Williams thinks can negotiate a better deal with the Nets. Or it may mean a guy he thinks is better connected, better suited to bringing other stars to New Jersey. Or Williams to other stars elsewhere.

Williams most likely has not even made up his mind about his future in New Jersey yet. But there is about to be a major new player at the table with the stakes being where Williams plays in a couple seasons.