Report: Mark Jackson is the frontrunner for Golden State


People who have met with new Warriors owner Joe Lacob have described him as an out of the box thinker. Which is pretty much a cliché statement in and of itself at this point, but we’ll go with it.

Because it sounds like he is close to doing something very out of the box, according to David Aldridge at

At Golden State, ABC/ESPN analyst Mark Jackson is in the lead, according to a league source, having interviewed twice, the second time with owner Joe Lacob. Lacob has also conducted interviews with Spurs assistant coach Mike Budenholzer and was believed to have conducted the Malone interview Sunday. Those two trail Jackson at the moment. But former Lakers assistant and Oakland native Brian Shaw and Celtics assistant Lawrence Frank, though trailing the others, are not out of the mix. Shaw has yet to get a first interview set up by Golden State. Normally that would be telling, but Shaw’s camp is allowing for the possibility that the Harvard MBA educated-Lacob, a creature of venture capital and Silicon Valley, may think differently and may have a more unorthodox method to his coaching search madness than the norm.

Will Jackson make a good coach? Who knows, because he has never coached. Anywhere. Not as a head coach, not as an assistant. We could try to figure out what kind of coach he would be from his color commentary (at one point during Game 3 he said the Mavs need to not let Dwyane Wade shoot open jumpers and make him drive, that might be a red flag) but really that’s not fair. Being an announcer and a coach are two very different things.

Which is the point. But Golden State may run an experiment.