Baron Davis helping set up lockout workouts for Cavs

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Baron Davis, team leader?

Some people in Clippersville are shaking their heads (with reason, he did not do this stuff in Los Angeles) but Davis is looking like a good, veteran leader in Cleveland.

For example, come the July 1 lockout (and there will be one, the only question is for how long) teams will not be allowed to contact players. So Davis is organizing players’ only workouts, according to Akron Beacon Journal.

Davis and (Antawn) Jamison were the veterans who came up with the idea of bringing the players together to work out during an NBA lockout this summer. Davis reiterated last week he is expecting everyone to make a legitimate effort to get there.

”It’ll show a commitment, who’s committed to this team for next year,” he said.

The Cavs are following the lead of NFL teams, including the Browns, who have held similar workouts led by the quarterbacks during the football lockout.

Expect to see some other teams do this as well. It will be interesting to see, especially if games are missed, which players used the lockout as an excuse to let themselves go.