Brad Miller out until January after microfracture surgery

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Out of nowhere, Brad Miller showed up at a Sacramento event in support of the fans on crutches. When asked by media about the injury, Miller revealed that he had microfracture surgery.

So there’s that.

Miller is out until at least January, which is just more bad news for the Rockets. Miller can’t really afford surgery as significant as microfracture at his age. The Rockets needed more from Miller this season,and you have to wonder how much time Miller’s got left in the league. Microfracture at age 35 is just not something that’s going to be easy to recover from.

Miller’s appearance in Sacramento speaks to his character, supporting his former franchise as they begin another year-long battle to keep the Kings in town. But for one of the least mobile players in the league, you have to wonder if he’ll have a place in the league in future years.

Oh, wait, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Erick Dampier and Jamal Magloire are all on roster of a team in the Finals. Nevermind.