Report: Rambis to return to Wolves but must retool staff


Kurt Rambis may have no idea what is going on with his job, but apparently other people do.

He may be staying on board for another year.

J. Michael Falgoust of the USA Today tweeted this Friday night.

I’m told by a source that #Twolves will bring back #KurtRambis but force him to retool his staff

Not shocking, but in retooling his staff are they asking Rambis to change his offensive or defensive system? I’d like to tell you what David Kahn is thinking, but we’ve never been able to quite figure that out.

The Wolves played at the fastest pace in the league and ran elements of the triangle offense in their halfcourt sets, but they were 24th in the league in offensive efficiency last season. And 27th in defensive efficiency. So, they need to get a lot better on both sides of the ball.

But that is as much about talent as system. And when you throw in the Ricky Rubio experiment next season… it’s going to be interesting in Minnesota. If they don’t see a marked improvement, there could be a lot of changes in store in Minnesota, not just coach.