Isiah Thomas says he does not want to be Knicks president


It doesn’t work like this. So don’t believe it.

But we will first report the official news — Isiah Thomas told ESPN multiple times he does not want to be president of the New York Knicks in the wake of Donnie Walsh being pushed out of the job.

“I have no desire to return as president of the Knicks,” said Thomas, now the head coach of Florida International University. “I’m not a candidate to replace Donnie. I like the job I have right now, and the toll that the (Knicks) job took on me, my wife, and my kids, I don’t want to go through that again.”

He will not be named as the president of the Knicks. Dolan could not handle the public relations storm. That is not how it works anyway.

Thomas will continue to have the ear of owner Dolan, and in many ways that is better than being GM. Isiah has outlasted Walsh. Thomas’ influence pushed the Carmelo Anthony trade through in the form that gave up most of the Knicks role players over Walsh, he’s already had power.

This is the Knicks under Dolan — what is official and reality are two different things. So no, officially Thomas will not have a role with the Knicks. But don’t you believe it.