PBT’s plethora of Heat vs. Mavs previews — plus a live chat


While you’ve spent the weekend barbecuing or water skiing, we’ve been pumping out the NBA finals previews. Breaking down the Heat vs. Mavericks.

And there is more to come — including a live chat tonight during Game 1 (starting about 9 pm Eastern). Come on back by PBT tonight at chat during the game, starting with us all mocking Michael McDonald’s singing of the national anthem (if he gets the words wrong will anybody be able to tell?) and going on through the game.

But for now, here are some things to check out.

PBT did a position by position breakdown of the finals and matchups.

We gave you the five keys for each team.

We did our traditional finals preview.

We even talked about the odds and favorites to win finals MVP.

There was a discussion of how this is a shot at redemption for many Mavericks players, and how you may not like them but you have to respect the Heat.

There’s even a vote up for which team you think will win the NBA finals.

And there’s more to come today, including a Game 1 preview, then the live chat tonight. So get ready for the finals, you’ve got plenty to read, then come back by and chat during the game. It will be more fun than water skiing. We promise.