The Miami Heat’s season in controversy


Ever since “The Decision,” the Miami Heat have been a lightning rod for controversy, and every PR misstep the Heat have made has been turned into a full-blown news item. Some of the controversies were legitimate, and some of them were just silly, but they were all a part of the NBA season.

The Palm Beach Post’s Ethan J. Skolnick recently provided a glossary of the Heat’s controversies, with explanations attached. For the full explanations, you’ll have to click through, but here’s the quick list, in alphabetical order:

– Bump-Gate

– Breakfast-Gate

– Cable-Gate

– Celebrate-Gate

– Chill-Gate

– Contraction-Gate

– Cry-Gate

– Karma-Gate

– “R” Word-Gate

– Welcome-Gate

Great work by Ethan, and I encourage everyone to click through to get a recap of one of the most ridiculous seasons in recent memory.