Rick Adelman wouldn’t mind being Trail Blazers GM

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Apparently, Rick Adelman has no interest in long-term job security.

We told you before that long time coach Rick Adelman has interest in moving into a front office job. On Sunday he expressed interest specifically in doing that for Portland, a team that has fired two respected general managers in 10 months.

That is what he basically told the Portland Tribune.

“I’d love to talk to them,” says Adelman, fired in April after four seasons as head coach of the Houston Rockets. “I’d be interested in talking to them about any position.”

Adelman pauses, then amends his comments.

“I have no interest in the head coaching job,” he says. “I need to make that clear. They have a really good coach (Nate McMillan). Nate has done a great job….

“I would be more than happy to work with them,” he says. “I’m looking to do something different, with not quite the stress the coaching aspect has. I have an affinity for Portland. Any way I could be involved, I would.”

This is a real long shot, but Adelman is interested. Would Adelman make a good GM? Who knows. But the question in Portland is not the quality of the job he could do but how much does Paul Allen want to hang out with him? That appears to be the main qualification for keeping the Portland job.

Adelman was one of the original Blazers players and was coach of the team in the early 1990s until he was fired in 1994.