Big Baby blogging about summer workout regimen

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Glen “Big Baby” Davis, welcome to the world of blogging. We welcome you with open arms even if we are fairly sure you are not in your underwear in your mother’s basement. (And if you are, well, we don’t really want to picture that.)

Davis has started blogging about his offseason workout regimen at his new site, (Via Jessica Camerato at CSN New England.) And yes, cynical Boston fans he does have an offseason workout regimen. He’s using his flip cam to record those workouts.

Big baby is a pretty entertaining personality, this should be worth following.

Davis is also an unrestricted free agent this summer (well, after the lockout) which could make this even more interesting. We’ll see how forthcoming he is about everything, but his thoughts about who is courting him, given from the Stairmaster ala Mark Cuban, would make this a lot more watchable than seeing an NBA player sweat. Unless his workout involves carrying Nate Robinson around on his back.