LeBron James is your Finals MVP favorite. Shocker.


The odds are out on the Finals, courtesy of Bodog.eu, and they’re pretty much what you’d expect. The Heat are a slight favorite, and LeBron James is the favorite to win Finals MVP at 5-to-4 odds, just nudging Dirk Nowitzki at 2-to-1. The over/under on techs is 5.5, which is a really interesting bet, but here’s another one that I found particularly intriguing.

The over/under for LeBron James’ average points in this series is 26.5, with his rebounding average over/under 7.5 and his assists average 6.5.

Those are some pretty ridiculous numbers for the Finals. But get this, since 2006, James has performed at that exact level or better in the playoffs (not averaged, performed at) over three games twice and over two games twice. He’s the only player in the last five years to do so in the playoffs. James has averaged those numbers twice before, and, naturally, is averaging them in these playoffs.

Would you bet on James?

Bigger question, maybe, is would you bet against Dirk?