Thursday morning one liners


What is wrong with the Thunder’s offense in video form — no movement off the ball. That is one thing they have to change going forward.

Derrick Rose recanted his PEDs comments from the other day, but that doesn’t mean the story should really go away. The idea that an NBA player may be taking designer drugs to speed recovery (like cyclists and marathon runners have been caught doing) seems logical if not probable. It needs to be looked at with more detail. The issue is more complex than just “that doesn’t happen in the NBA.”

Remember how we all criticized the Devon Harris for Jason Kidd trade at the time? Still think that way?

The Thunder’s Russell Westbrook stormed off the court without shaking any Mavericks hands Wednesday night. If you killed LeBron James about that a couple years back, you better do the same for Westbrook now. Personally, I thought neither was a big deal.

What is the deal with all these NBA prospects seemingly trying to avoid Milwaukee?

An update on the health of Boston’s Marquis Daniels.

Jerry West talks Golden State.

The family of the young boy who fell to his death out of one of the luxury boxes at Staples Center after a Lakers game has filed a lawsuit.

Hot Rod Williams has been arrested.

Portland president Larry Miller still saying everything is just fine in Portland after the firing of Rich Cho. Sure it is.