NBA says players union’s NLRB charges have “no merit”


As PBT told you Tuesday, the NBA players union has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board accusing the league and owners of not negotiating in good faith. They accused the owners of “making harsh, inflexible, and grossly regressive ‘takeaway’ demands” and just about everything else they could think of.

As expected, the league sent out a release saying, in essence, the union is full of it.

“There is no merit to the charge filed today by the Players Association with the National Labor Relations Board, as we have complied and will continue to comply — with all of our obligations under the federal labor laws,” the NBA said in the statement. “It will not distract us from our efforts to negotiate in good faith a new collective bargaining agreement with the Players Association.

Bottom line, this feels like both sides are really digging in for what will be a long and ugly battle. I hope not, but steps like this are killing my already limited optimism.