Kurt Rambis is showing up to work until he gets fired


Good on Kurt Rambis.

It has largely been rumored the he was going to be let go by the Minnesota Timberwolves after this season, but so far no word. Team owner Glen Taylor said as an aside the other day that he didn’t know what was going to happen with Rambis and that the decision is GM David Kahn’s.

Kahn is not playing his hand because… well, he’s David Kahn.

So rather than sit around and do nothing, Rambis showed up to the team’s draft prospect workout on Monday.

Awkward, reports the Associated Press.

He sat several feet away from Minnesota president David Kahn, a scene that wouldn’t have been quite so awkward if Rambis knew whether he was returning for a third season as Timberwolves coach…. The president and the coach who just two years ago were billed as the tandem that was going to turn around one of the league’s most woebegone franchises did not speak to each other during the 15 minutes the workout was opened to the media, but it was not clear if the two met or spoke at any other point in the session.

Again, good for Rambis. Put the pressure on Kahn to do something. If he wants to make a change it’s unclear what he’s waiting for (even the assistant coaches with the teams that are left are granting interviews). Otherwise, show up and put in some input on who is going to be on your team next season.