Report: Cavaliers try to offer No. 4 pick for Rudy Gay


You’re going to hear a lot of teams trying to move out of or trade high picks this year — there is not much in this draft to make you want to stay up high.

But this new rumor via a tweet from the very credible Jonathan Givony of Draft Express is laughable:

Heard Cleveland offered Memphis their #4 pick in exchange for Rudy Gay (w/help of their trade exception). Memphis rejected

If I were Memphis I would rejected Cleveland’s No. 1 overall for Gay, let alone the No. 4.

Minnesota also is reportedly looking to move the No. 2 pick, and I bet the Jazz would listen to offers if you want the No. 3. This is a draft where there are real questions about the guys at the top, so expect a lot of trade rumors of teams looking to get out. But they are not going to get top value, like Gay. Not in this draft.

Not that Memphis wouldn’t consider moving the max deal they gave Gay last summer, but it’s going to take a lot better offer than a pick in this drat to do it.