PBT Monday morning one liners

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You conspiracy theorists are right — LeBron James is part of a secret society. But it’s just to stay in shape.

Sleep apnea is a scary thing — when those who snore at night suddenly stop and can’t breathe — so it’s good to see Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander pushing her boyfriend Shaquille O’Neal to take part in a test.

Kevin Durant is mad at the losses by the Thunder. That’s nice, but he’ll need some angry teammates to make it all work.

The technical foul Tyson Chandler got on James Harden’s fine-worthy flop has been rescinded.

Another week, another new agent  for Rodney Stuckey.

Making the case that the people in Sacramento need to pitch in for a new arena.

The calls have started to trade Josh Smith in Atlanta.

The Sixers may be leaning big man in the draft.

We’re sure you remember Kevin Durant’s monster, game-changing dunk over Brendan Haywood. Haywood is blaming that on Peja Stojakovic (and he’s partially right).

Charles Barkley lets the fans Miami fans know exactly what he thinks of them.