Carlos Boozer’s words motivated Chris Bosh, a little


Back before the series, Carlos Boozer said that the Miami Heat have two great players. Which was taken as a dig at Chris Bosh. Because it was.

Chris Bosh finally addressed it after dropping 34 points on Boozer and the Bulls in Game 3 (he also dropped 30 in Game 1). Well he kind of addressed it. It’s a bit wishy-washy.

Here is what he told the Miami Herald:

“Not really,” he said (when asked if the comments bothered him). “We’ve been through so much in the regular season, that comments don’t really affect me too much. You can find inspiration in all different ways.

“It does nothing but help. I think about it when I’m shooting.”

So it’s not a big deal, he doesn’t think about it… except when he is shooting. Okay.

If it was the comments, the Heat need to find a way to get Dirk Nowitzki to say something similar soon. Just thinking ahead.