New, quieter Mark Cuban still doesn’t like referees


Mark Cuban still is not talking to the media during these playoffs — unless you want to hear how ABC picked up Shark Tank for 13 more episodes — but that doesn’t mean he isn’t talking.

And it doesn’t mean he is happy with the officiating.

Did you really expect him to be? Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas overheard part of a “conversation” Cuban was having as his team came off the court at halftime Thursday night.

While walking off the court, Cuban loudly asked officiating supervisor Bernie Fryer what he thought of the performance of referees Greg Willard, Bill Spooner and Tom Washington… Fryer told Cuban that he thought Thursday night’s crew had been “great” in the first half.

“Are you kidding me?” Cuban replied. “You’re not watching the same game I am.”

Cuban complained about moving screens and defensive three-second violations by the Thunder that he felt should have been called, among other things.

“Horrible,” Cuban said.

For the record, the officials are not why Dallas lost to the Thunder. It was that they could not adjust to a more physical, fronting defense on Dirk Nowitzki and they didn’t have an answer for Eric Maynor. And that should concern Mavs fans a lot more than the refs.