Ed Snider: Andre Iguodala hasn’t asked to be traded

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Andre Iguodala isn’t sure where he is going to play next year. Well, he said he was looking forward to being back in the NBA, but that’s a little vague.

The Sixers may or may not be that place, but he’s not pushing his way out.

That’s what Ed Snider — the chairman of Comcast-Spectacor that owns the Sixers — told John Gonzalez of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Iguodala probably has read a thousand articles about why we should trade him and why he’s not worth the money. He’s probably hedging his own bet. Don’t forget, after that, he added he wanted to be with the same team his entire career. He’s been put through the ringer by so-called basketball experts and writers. He certainly hasn’t asked to be traded. I think it was an unfortunate interpretation of his words.

I’ll question the unfortunate interpretation part — when you’re that vague rather than saying you want to be back with your teammates you invite speculation — but in the end that is moot. What matters is what other teams would offer for Iggy. The Sixers may test the waters, but they do not need to dive in. They can afford to be patient.