PBT Monday morning one liners


Kevin Arnovitz — one of the best in the business and a guy I miss seeing regularly at Clippers games — has the best breakdown I’ve read of what went wrong with the Heat Sunday.

NBA Commissioner David Stern wrote a piece in the Sacramento Bee thanking the people of that city for their drive to keep the team.

Danny Nowell is in the midst of a fascinating three-part post on what has gone wrong with the Orlando Magic. Go read this Magic fans.

Coach Scott Brooks actually banned the Thunder from running the ally-oop for a couple years because they looked for it too much and ran it too poorly. Clearly, it is back now. And they know how to run it.

There’s still a lot of Heat hate out there. (My neighbor, not a huge basketball fan, had the Bulls vs. Heat on last night and when I asked why he said “because I want to watch the Heat lose.”)

Hip-hop star Common talks about being a Bulls ball boy back in the day.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was back in Milwaukee talking NBA the other day, remembering fondly his time in the city.

The reaction in Arizona to team CEO Rick Welts coming out of the closet.

Jason Kidd knows that Father Time is not only chasing him down but also catching up fast.

It’s hard to talk about improving the Hawks without knowing what the new CBA will be. Once we all do know, we’ll see just how insanely difficult that task will be.

Totally unrelated to basketball but I loved it — The Big Lebowski last supper.