Nets owner Prokhorov about to enter Russian politics


What is the one thing that could make the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations look simple?

How about Russian politics?

But that’s what Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is about to jump into, as part of a “pro-Kremlin” party (backing the existing leadership), according to the Associated Press.

Mikhail Prokhorov said Monday he would head the Just Cause party — what he later called in televised remarks “an uneasy and somewhat surprising decision.”

Just Cause hopes to win legislature seats in December parliamentary elections.

The establishing of the party is widely seen by critics as an attempt by the Kremlin to lure opposition-minded, pro-business voters, while creating an illusion of competition with the ruling United Russia party ahead of election.

I don’t see how this impacts the Nets. I’m not about to delve into Russian politics. I’m just passing along the information.