Kendrick Perkins not happy to see Celtics eliminated


Kendrick Perkins didn’t want to see his friends on the Boston Celtics eliminated in the second round.

He wanted to do it himself.

Perkins was hoping against hope for a Celtics vs. Thunder finals, but that is not going to happen with the Celtics eliminated (and his Thunder have some work to do still ). Perkins told the Star-Telegram he didn’t expect Boston to be gone this early.

“I am surprised,” Perkins said. “I wasn’t expecting them to go down 4-1. I was expecting at least a seven-game series, or them to win it….”

“I’d be lying to you if I would tell you I was disconnected from them,” he said. “One thing about it is I spent eight years over there.

“The only thing about it is that we knew everything about each other. When the trade happened it definitely was surprising to everybody, but this is a business. But at the same time I was wishing the best for those guys, wishing that we both could probably end up in the Finals and meet up for something crazy like that.”

Plenty of Celtics fans are convinced Perkins could have kept the Celtics in it. But unless he suddenly learned to score inside so they could better space out their offense, it wouldn’t have mattered.