Kobe says don’t break up Lakers, they can win again


Lakers fans are ready to break up the team.

It’s not like they won two previous championships and 57 games this past season. (Oh, wait…) They had a very bad playoffs, they looked fatigued and disinterested, they ran basic sets of the triangle offense and not the depth of it needed to counter what the Mavericks did (something Luke Walton mentioned at his exit interview). They were not athletic enough.

So, clearly, take the longest, most skilled front line in the NBA and break it up, because it will never win again.

No, it doesn’t make much sense. Kobe Bryant doesn’t think so either and said so at his exit interview (as reported by NBA.com’s Hangtime Blog).

“This is nonsense,” he said. “I remember [the Lakers] had a pretty good era in the ’80s and they didn’t win three [titles] in a row. They didn’t break that team up….

“If you’re asking me do I believe we can come back and do it again,” he said, “I absolutely believe that we can come back and do it again.”

Kobe was very Kobe during his exit meeting with the press. Confident they could do it again, with this core. Saying that this season was a year wasted in his life.

But he is right. Tall and good beats small and good, and the Lakers are still tall and good. They didn’t play like it in the playoffs, they played like a team mentally and physically worn out. They need more athleticism around the core. They need some shooters. If they switch systems they need a new point guard.

But this is about tweaks, not overhauls. Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol is a guy you only give up for a few players in this league, and even then you better think about those changes. Kobe gets it.