Jerry West “embarrassed” by Lakers loss, not sure fix is easy


Jerry West may wear other hats, but he is always a Laker. He’s got the statue out in front of Staples Center. He’s linked as one of the iconic players and best GMs the franchise has or will ever have.

And he is honest. Old school and honest. He spoke for a lot of Lakers fans when he went on the Dan Patrick Radio show (via Sports Radio Interviews) and said he was embarrassed — not by the loss as much as the way the Lakers lost.

“Some of the things that I saw out there, really frankly, were pretty classless. The Lakers have won with class and they’ve lost with class and [Sunday], as someone who worked there and is pretty proud of my years with the Lakers, I was a little bit embarrassed — not with the loss, but some of the things I saw on the floor which I thought were really just not something that a person that wears a Laker uniform should do.”

He was also asked about rebuilding the Lakers and what needs to be done.

“First of all they need athletes. This is the least athletic Laker team as I’ve seen in a long time. … I think [Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum] have to be used differently. Putting Pau Gasol and having him guard Dirk Nowitzki, there was no way that was going to happen. There’s just no way….

“You can’t blow this team up. Nobody wants very many of their players, to be honest.”

This is where I would normally talk about trading for the best center in the game, but that would just make Dwight mad. So we’ll pass this time.