Battier spent part of Friday stuck in an elevator. Tweeting.


We can apparently knock claustrophobia off the list of things that bother Shane Battier.

He was stuck in an elevator in his Memphis apartment building for nearly half an hour Friday afternoon, waiting for the Fire Department to get him out. He was leaving trying to get to practice, according to the Associated Press.

So, what did he do? Tweet, of course.

As I sit here in the elevator that is stuck between floors and wait for the fire dept to spring me, it is a good time to reflect on the

Many blessings in my life, most notably working elevators.

I am free. It was a moment of trepidation, my zen nature was tested. But in the parlance of the Walter Sobczek nothing’s ‘messed up’.

As John Hollinger of ESPN noted, Battier earns big points for quoting The Big Lebowski while trapped in an elevator. As if you didn’t have enough reasons to have adopted the Grizzlies this postseason.