NBA crew in Sacramento tries to rebuild Kings image


So it turns out, the Maloof brothers trying to move the Kings out of Sacramento did not sit well with the locals. Who could have seen that coming?

David Stern responded by sending the A-Team. No, not that A-Team (although some B.A. Baracus could go a long way to helping the situation). This was some of the best from NBA Headquarters who are working in all aspects of the Kings office working to rebuild bridges in the community.

That started Thursday with co-owner Gavin Maloof having lunch at an event with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, the Sacramento Bee reports.

The private luncheon with Kings corporate sponsors is the precursor to a wider public relations campaign for the team that’s likely to start next week, said Christopher Granger, an NBA executive vice president who’s leading a nine-person league delegation sent to Sacramento earlier this week.

“You will see a wide campaign, a very wide campaign,” Granger said in an interview at Power Balance Pavilion. “We’re working on it right now.”

The Maloof brothers have been on local television in Sacramento and throwing their weight behind the new arena effort. They are, in the least, putting their best face on it.

But if you were a Kings fan, how much could you really trust them? It’s going to take more than a sponsors luncheon to make this work. It’s going to take some kind of sacrifice and sign of real commitment.

Or, they could just get the A-Team.