You missed “Lap dance Tuesdays” hosted by Andray Blatche


We’ve finally figured out why there were so many empty seats at American Airlines Arena in Miami at the start of Tuesday night’s game.

Across town at a Miami club Andray Blatche was hosting “lap dance Tuesdays.”

Not making that up. We couldn’t. We just wish we’d told you in time to get there yourself.  (Via two legends: KD at Ball Don’t Lie and Steinberg at DC Sports Bog)

That would be Washington’s Mr. April Andray Blatche, maybe the most talented player the Wizards have once the team has been eliminated from playoff contention, hosting a club night down in Miami. Yes, you remember correctly that is the Blatche who was once arrested for solicitation (and for speeding another time).

This will just add to Blatche’s reputation as the supremely talented, supremely flighty player who will tease with his talent about 10 games a season and play the rest of the games like he has somewhere else to be.

Well, at least now we know where.