Phil Jackson: “Ya, we’re worried now”


Kobe Bryant said after the Lakers dropped Game 1, they should be worried.

The Lakers are realizing that these Mavericks are not the old Mavericks. They are not soft inside (hello Tyson Chandler) and they are veterans. Before Game 2 Phil Jackson echoed Kobe’s thoughts.

“Ya, we’re worried now,” Jackson said. “This is a good team, they have the same record we have, they have a lot of options for scoring, we’ve got to play a lot better to overcome this team over the course of a series.

“Our strength is we’ve always become better and better progressively through a series and I hope we do that.”

When asked it that was just him trying to motivate his charges through the media, Jackson noted they were not going to see this game before tip off.

As for strategy, you can’t really expect much to leak pregame. Jackson tried to hide whether or not he’d give Ron Artest some time on Nowitzki, but he made one interesting tactical point.

“Probably it’s unlikely,” Jackson said of using Artest. “Ron has a penchant for sending guys to their left, which is Dirk’s strongest point.”