Blake Griffin to be announced as Rookie of Year on Wednesday

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Here is the only bit of suspense about this announcement: Is it unanimous? And if it’s not, would the person who thinks Blake Griffin is not rookie of the year like to explain themselves.

The Clippers have called for a “major announcement” Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles, which will certainly be Griffin winning the award.

John Wall will likely come in a distant second. But this season it should be distant.

Griffin was a 20-and-10 guy as a rookie, averaging 22.5 points and 12.1 rebounds per game on 50.1 percent shooting.

Griffin fast became a star as a dunking YouTube sensation. With good reason — the man can dunk. In game, we’re not talking the over-the-car crap. We’re taking about destroying guys in games.

But if you think he can only dunk, you weren’t watching.

Griffin has handles. He is incredibly patient when he gets the ball in the post and if you bring the double he’s a surprisingly good passer as a rookie. His midrange game needs work, but it improved as the year went on. As did his defense.

In a league filled with people who won the genetic lottery, Griffin is a freak athlete. But he’s more than that, and he’s a guy with a crazy work ethic. Which means he’s only going to get a lot better.