You’re watching — big television ratings jump in playoffs


Every time I get one of these stories, the stupidity of a long lockout hits me even harder.

All the networks carrying first-round playoff games saw a huge bump in television ratings, as reported at the Washington Examiner (via Ball Don’t Lie). It got a hold of TNT’s rating numbers and… damn.

This was the highest rated first round in cable television history.

TNT’s 23 First Round games delivered an average of 2.7 U.S. HH Rating, (+29%, 2.1 U.S. HH Rating last year), 4,179,000 Total Viewers (+32%, 3,174,000 last year) and 3,091,000 Households (+27%, 2,430,000 last year).

There were some advantages, like the New York Knicks and that market being back in the playoffs, but this is more than that. Ir follows a season-long trend. What’s more impressive is this is an across-the-board movement. Ratings were up more than 30 percent in all people under age 54 and all men’s categories under age 54.

What is more enticing to advertisers, people under age 34 in households making more than $100,000 was up 64 percent and the jump remained at 47 percent for ages 18 to 49, and 39 percent for ages 25 to 54.

So, lockout. Yup. Great idea.