Video: LeBron dunk highlights how Heat beat Boston


This was one of the highlight plays in Miami’s win over Boston.

But LeBron James ally-oop dunk was also a clever little play breaking down Boston’s half court defense. What Boston does is overload the strong side — in this case when Dwyane Wade comes off Chris Bosh’s high screen Rajon Rondo sticks with him, but Kevin Garnett stays on the strong side to cut off Wade trying to drive back to the middle, and Big Baby slides over so he can’t just drive baseline. Boston wants to take away the penetration, they bring the extra defender over, and they zone the weak side.

Except when Paul Pierce zoned, Joel Anthony sets a little pick that lets LeBron cut baseline and Pierce can’t get to him. Then Wade throws the ally-oop and James finishes. As nobody finishes quite like James.

Don’t be shocked if you see this play again this series. It attacks the Celtics defensive weakness.