Shaq to practice on Friday, and then…


Finally there are no more delays, no more reasons to put it off, Shaquille O’Neal is going to practice with the Boston Celtics on Friday, according to a tweet from Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe. Two days before the first game against the Heat.

And then….

Depends on how it goes. Doc Rivers was being pretty Zen about it, according to A. Sherrod Blakely at CSN New England:

“At the end of the day, either he can do it or he can’t,” Rivers said. “And we have to find out.”

Last time he tried running and practicing the team shut him down again. He has played just 5 minutes of game time since Feb. 1 as they tried to get him right because the time was going to come they really needed him.

That time is now.

Starting Sunday, against Miami, that is when Boston needs Shaq to dominate the glass, be a big body in the paint on defense and to provide enough offense inside to draw defenders and create spacing.

So Friday Shaq practices. And then we’ll see.