Dwight Howard wins judgment against his child’s mother


I am so hard pressed to find anything good for anyone in this situation — or anything really worth poking fun at — that I am just going to lay out the facts. Then go take a shower because I feel dirty.

Dwight Howard has won a $500,000 judgment against Royce Reed, the mother of his child, TMZ reports (via CBS’s Eye On Basketball).

See, Reed is on VH1’s Basketball Wives and she spoke about her and Howard’s relationship. Which violates the legal gag order between the two. Howard took her to court, and won.

To sum up: Dwight Howard’s lawyers got paid hundreds of dollars an hour to track what the mother of his child said on a cable reality show so they could take her to court over it. Which he won, because she signed an agreement agreeing never to talk about their relationship in public like that.

So, at least Howard has won somewhere recently.

But don’t worry, the kid won’t be a pawn between them.

That’s it, time for a shower.