PBT Friday morning one liners

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How has Memphis hung around with San Antonio? One key way is limiting the corner three.

A fantastic profile of Andrew Bynum at Sports Illustrated, including how he builds his own computers.

One of my favorite things to read weekly — my man Anthony Macri’s coaches corner. This week he talks Bynum’s positioning and why Chicago fans shouldn’t be worried about the close games.

The gravitational pull of Dwight Howard on the court.

Ron Artest is the steadiest Laker in the playoffs. Yes, you read that right.

Derrick Rose’s ability to draw fouls is saving the Bulls in the playoffs.

The Bulls are not winning big and pretty enough for some fans, so Carlos Boozer, come on down to the scapegoat circle.

LeBron James art — his likeness in 22 layers of glass.

Some in Philly have accepted the reality of this playoff series.

Ernie Grunfeld with the reminder that it will take more than a year to rebuild the Wizards.

Holly McKenzie with a great take on Brandon Roy.

Charles Barkley appologizes to Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh.

As he should — no matter what happens D’Antoni and Walsh deserve another year.