Knicks Stoudemire says he will be ready to go in Game 3


Kids, let this be a lesson to you — showoff dunks in warm-ups only leads to trouble.

Amar’e Stoudemire hurt his back doing dunks in warm-ups. He tried to go despite the back spasms, but put up four points on 9 shots in 16 minutes and left the game never to return.

Stoudemire tells the Associated Press that he will be ready to go for Game 3.

“I should be ready for Game 3,” he said after the game, standing instead of sitting behind the podium at his postgame news conference. “We’ll see how it goes (Wednesday) and next day, but I’m pretty sure – I’m hoping – I’ll be ready Friday.”

Stoudemire said he believed he hurt himself during pregame warm-ups.

“I couldn’t hardly move. I was trying to play through it,” he said. “Once I felt that sharp pain, I couldn’t take it.

The Knicks have had a puncher’s chance in this series. They have guys who can single-handedly steal a game. Stoudemire almost stole Game 1, Carmelo Anthony Game 2. If they can get both of them — and maybe Chauncey Billups, who missed Game 2 but was reportedly moving much better back they could make this interesting.

You get the feeling they are close and if they can be healthy and at home…. Maybe. Just maybe.