NBA Playoffs: Atlanta out to prove Game 1 wasn’t a fluke

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The conventional wisdom about Game 1 of this series misses the point.

As our own Matt Moore pointed out, what Atlanta did to the Magic was what teams used to do to Michael Jordan, what teams have tried to do to Steve Nash in recent years — let him score, make him a shooter. Don’t let him kick out for wide-open threes, don’t let his teammates get going. It worked.

Dwight Howard got 46 points (and 19 boards) against largely single coverage of Jason Collins (and it wasn’t much coverage), but the Hawks were able to stay home on every other Magic player. Jameer Nelson out up 27 points but the rest of the Magic combined shot 23 percent and score just 20.

That becomes the bottom line question for Game 2 — can the Hawks replicate that performance? Can the Magic get their other shooters going, can the Hawks keep their shooters red hot?

This series is a battle of the jump shots, and the Hawks won round one.

Atlanta is going to single cover Howard again in the post, you can be sure. But can the Magic make adjustments — like more pick and roll but this time with their spot up guys knocking down shots. Atlanta collapsed on Howard or whoever was the roll man then tried to recover on to shooters. It worked. The Magic were 2-of-11 on catch-and-shoot threes in Game 1 and were also 4-of-14 from 10 feet out to the arc. Simply put, they missed a lot, and they will lose if that happens again.

Atlanta did not miss a lot — they took a ridiculous 27 shots from 16-feet out to the arc. That’s the least efficient shot in the game but the Hawks drained 48.2 percent of them. On the season the Hawks averaged 17 shots from that distance and hit 43 percent of them (second highest in the league behind Dallas). Look for the Hawks to come back to earth on their jump shots, that or they need to get more looks inside with Howard lurking around.

The Hawks beat the Magic now 4 out of 5 meetings. What the Hawks seem to do — just letting Howard pulverize them, stop the threes and hit a lot of jumpers — is an unconventional, against the grain system. It should not be sustainable. But it has worked. And the Hawks are going to ride that train for as long as they can. It will be up to the Magic to show they can adjust and knock down shots.

Because this is a battle of the jump shots.