“Go New York Go” 2011 vs. 1994


We bring a brief musical interlude to your day.

Somehow, “Go New York Go” has become sort of a Knicks anthem despite being pretty much a musical marshmallow. As opposed to Los Angeles, which uses the very sarcastic Randy Newman “I Love L.A.” as a theme song (for the record, nobody loves Victory Boulevard), but that’s another issue. Boston with the Dropkick Murphy’s has it right.

Anyway, back to New York. Thanks to our man Dan Devine at Ball Don’t Lie (who found and ranked all the painful versions of this song online, there are many), we watched the 2011 Swizz Beatz remix version of “Go New York Go” today with Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Then thanks to the glory of YouTube watched the original 1994 version.

Now we bring them both to you — which one do you like better. I’m down with 1994, but that’s in part because we have such fond musical memories of 1994 thanks to Ace of Base.