Tony Parker says he will play in native France if lockout lasts

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There have been plenty of players saying they would consider playing in Europe if the NBA lockout that is coming this summer drags out into 2012. A lot of those you may not want to take seriously.

The Spurs Tony Parker going back to play in his native France? That you should take seriously.

Parker told the French sporting paper L’Equipe he would like to play in France if the lockout drags on (translation via Hoopshype).

“If the conflict lasts, I think I’ll go and play in France so that my fans can see me up close. I could really progress abroad in a big Euroleague team, but I do not want that. I already had my glory and titles. If the lockout lasts, I will probably go to play to Villeurbanne.”

He has clearly put some thought into this. As the lockout drags out it will be interesting to see what players start getting restless and make a move.